Glee Fic: Naming Rights – PG (1/1)

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ship: puck and rachel

It really was an accident, both Puck and Kurt are adamant. Well, they may swear it, but when they actually told the guys about Mercedes, everyone else could tell they wanted to tell. Because they finally had something someone? The other three lean forward to listen. But how are Puck and Kurt supposed to know that someone would tell?

Puck came into Glee the following Thursday after his date with Rachel to find Matt​, Mike and Finn all seated in the corner watching as Rachel.

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Glee fanfiction rachel and azimio dating

I do like to stalk other stories though :3 hehe mostly Samchel and Puckleberry stories. This is only a one shot based during the “Blame it on the Alcohol” episode. Anyway, enjoy this story and review it. Please don’t bite though. This is my first story!

Glee Fanfiction Rec List Authors A-M If any of these links dont work tell me. Not What They Deserve – (Santana/Rachel/Kurt) Kurt introduces Rachel The Questions Verse – (P/K) Puck and Kurt get together slowly and face.

By jaytee , December 19, in Glee [V]. I would’ve like to have seen more from the moms. I mean even when Finn’s mom was involved it felt like it centred on Burt. We really should’ve seen more from Quinn and her mom. I mean did Quinn just return home from having Beth and they spoke no more about it. My own personal crushes on Jacob Artist and Aisha Tyler mean I would’ve like to have seen more from them.

I would’ve loved to have seen even a little of Tina and Mercedes families.

Glee Fanfic: A Heart That Hurts is a Heart That Beats (2/2)

As a self-proclaimed “badass,” Puck is well known around the school for constantly tossing students into dumpsters and also for initially being a primary culprit for throwing slushies in everyones faces. At first, Puck is very much opposed to the Glee Club, deeming it “gay” and a group for “losers. As Season One progresses, Puck begins to enjoy glee club and find his passion for singing. Quinn eventually gives birth to their biological daughter in Journey.

In Season Three , it’s revealed that Puck and Lauren broke up, as Puck says, “She was the one that got away, really slowly.

Based on prompt from puckrachel Drabble Meme: katiebeth Sam’s POV, unaware of the fact that Puck and Rachel use to date and he thinks that they have only.

Log in No account? Create an account. Remember me. Facebook VKontakte Google. February 7th, , pm. Based on prompt from puckrachel Drabble Meme. Current Mood geeky Tags glee , puckrachel drabble meme , rating: pg February 1st, , pm.

But I Can’t Walk Away

Thanks for all the reviews on this one. Glad you’re excited about the story. I’m realizing that this probably won’t be finished tomorrow because I don’t want to present sub-par material Rachel was innocently walking through the hallway after acquiring a hall pass during her 1st period class to go to the ladies facilities when she was unceremoniously yanked into the storage closet. She was about to scream in terror when a calloused hand covered her mouth. Puck smirked slightly.

Glee fanfiction rachel and sebastian dating Relationship RoryBrittany Relationship PuckBeth Relationship KurtBlaine and he gives him, stating that New York.

Log in No account? Create an account. Remember me. Facebook VKontakte Google. Finn and puck are roommates in college and Rachel stays over a lot. Puck and Rachel end up getting together. I think it may have been from the Drabble meme and got deleted : I also remember a scene where Finn keeps using Quinn as an excuse anytime Puck gets mad at him, but honestly I could be mixing 2 stories. Any help would be appreciated.

Hopefully someone can help me. Rachel made a bet before high school to be an outcast 2.

Touch the Girl, a Glee fanfic

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Puck begins dating Rachel Berry (Lea Michele), the glee club lead vocalist, after his mother urges him to find a Jewish girlfriend; Rachel is initially resistant, but.

Thanks for the prompt, anon! Anyway, enjoy! Curling her legs beneath her and resting back on her ankles, she leaned toward her girlfriend and grinned. I mean, Britt and Santana already know. You know that. I promise. After a moment of silence, Quinn nodded and gave a watery smile. What about at the party next Friday? Everyone will be kind of tipsy, so hopefully any negative reactions will be quelled by the alcohol blanket.

A real, honest and out couple. We can do this, ok? Her heart was pounding at the speed of light, but she was trying her best to stay strong for Rachel. Quinn stepped into the room and immediately took count of who was there.

Need Y0u N0w – Rachel and Puck FULL

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